Sebők Miklós -  Tamás Berki: Punctuated equilibrium in democracy and autocracy: An analysis of Hungarian budgeting between 1868 and 2013


Miklós Sebők - Tamás Berki: Incrementalism and Punctuated Equilibrium in Hungarian Budgeting (1991-2013)

Miklós Sebők - Bálint Kubik - Csaba Molnár: Exercising control and gathering information: the functions of interpellations in Hungary (1990–2014)


Working Papers

Zsolt Boda - Eszter Mátyás: Democratic backlash and changes in environmental governance: the case of Hungary

Zsolt Boda - István Micsinai - Miklós Sebők: Agenda dynamics in Hungary

Balázs Böcskei – Dániel Mikecz: The Agenda-setting Potential of Hungarian Political Protests

Ágnes Balázs M.: Nationality Spokespersons’ Activity and Their Impact on Parliament Agenda in Hungary

Csaba Molnár: Political Autonomy in a Centrally-Driven Legislature: The Case of Socialist Hungary (1949-1990)

Zsanett Pokornyi: Agenda diversity and the role of core functions of governments in Hungary: the case of executive speeches

Miklós Sebők- Tamás Berki: Punctuated Equilibrium Through Autocracy and Democracy: An Analysis of Hungarian Budgeting Between 1868 and 2013



Balázs Böcskei: Overheads Reduction: Policy Change as a Political Innovation


Working Papers

Balázs Böcskei - Csaba Molnár: The Radical Right in Power? – The Impact of Jobbik on Legislation in Hungary (2010-2014)



Balázs Böcskei: Policy innovations shaping political decisions: The Case of the Overhead Reduction Initiative in Hungary (2016)


Workig Papers

Zsolt Boda - Veronika Patkós: Driven by politics: agenda setting and policy making in Hungary 2010-2014