30 May, 2017 - Policy Dynamics and Policy Change – Workshop of CAP in the Hungarian Academy of Sciences

The CAP workshop were held in 18th MAy 2017 in the Hungarian Academy of Sciences Institute for POlitical Science. Its title was 'olicy Dynamics and Policy Change'.

The presentations of the workshop were:

Miklós Sebők - Zsanett Pokornyi - Evelin Mészáros: The role of executive speeches and outputs in shaping the legislative agenda: A reverse flow in the friction process?

Csaba Molnár:  Political Autonomy in a Centrally-Driven Legislature: The Case of Socialist Hungary (1949-1990)

Balázs Böcskei - Dániel Mikecz: The Agenda-setting Potential of Hungarian Political Protests

Ágnes Balázs: Nationality Spokespersons’ Activity and Their Impact on Parliament Agenda in Hungary

Miklós Sebők - Tamás Berki: Incrementalism and punctuated equilibrium in Hungarian budgeting