Datasets containing infromation about Media and Elections



Media (1990-2014) - Népszabadság

This database consists of the articles (cca. 53.000 cases) of Népszabadság (a left-liberal daily). 




Media (2010-2014) - Népszabadság

This database consists of the coded articles of Népszabadság (a left-liberal daily). 




Front pages of Népszabadság (1990-2014)




Front pages of Magyar Nemzet (1990-2014)




Front pages of Világgazdaság (1990-2015)




Most Important Problems and Public Priorities (2004-2010)




List of Holidays




Parliamentary cycles




 Single Member Districts

This dataset contains information about the single member districts of Hungary from 1990 to 2014. 




 Government Affiliation in the Hungarian National


This dataset contains information about each ministry (government department) of Hungary since 1990 and every political actors who can be addressed by individual proposal.




Party Manifestos

This database contains information about the party manifestos since 1990.